Jóhannes Tryggvi Sveinbjörnsson


Jóhannes Tryggvi Sveinbjörnsson
Being a motocross fanatic, Jóhannes turned a page and developed a therapy fitting athletes with injuries and chronic pain.

Experience and work

Postura.is my clinic in Reykjavik and Bpostura.com is located in Sitges Barcelona.

Postural therapy is a treatment that I have developed over the years of working with professional athletes and treating chronic injuries they inflict in their sport, as well as helping them maintaining an “injury free” body with preventive work on the musculoskeletal system.
My work involves structural integration and aligning the body to its “right” and “natural” position, making it function as a whole and be as effective and functional as it can be.
I have well over 25.000 clinic sessions in treating all kinds of injuries, preventive work on top athletes in hard training, relieving tension and much more that involves helping my clients be the best they can be physically.

Few of my assignments in the past:

2015 Working with Johnny Campbell and JCR Racing team in GNCC Enduro.
2015 Working with Alex Salvini World champion in enduro racing 2013.
2014-2015 Working with Gunnar Nelson MMA Fighter.
2014-2015 Working with Hafþór Július Björnsson (The Mountain from Game of thrones) 2014 strongest man in Europe and 2nd in the world.
2014 Master course in Chinese face reading, diagnostics facial analysis.
2013-2014 Dakar Rally with team Honda HRC. Treating riders and staff with pain and injuries along the rally.
2012 Morocco Rally with team Honda HRC.
2008, 2010-2013 Treating riders in team Iceland in MXON World championship in Motocross.

2010 Assisting riders in team Costa Rica in MXON world championship in motocross in Colorado.
(Chuck Akin)

Looking forward to working with you
Jóhannes Sveinbjörnsson

With hard work comes great results
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